Khorvash Coline Khayati

Name: Khorvash Khayati (Coline)
Persian Name: خوروش خیاطی
Location: New York, USA
Height: 5.8
Birth Date: March 25, 1988
Birth Place: Tehran, Iran
Profession: Model, Actress
Instagram: @colinekhorvash

Khorvash Khayati is a Persian model located in USA, New York. She's known as Khorvash Coline Khayati in United States.
She was born in Tehran, Iran. She expressed her talent in art at the early years of her life.
She started her modeling career in Tehran, and worked as a model professionally in Iran and some other countries for 4 years. Beside of her modeling career, she continued her education in Art major, and worked as an animator in Tehran.

When she moved to USA, she continued her modeling/acting career professionally in NY. Also she continued her education in Masters of Animation beside of her modeling/acting career.
She has attended in many photo shoots, runway shows, commercials, magazines, music videos, short movies and New York Fashion Week Shows as model and actress.