Leyla Milani

Name: Leyla Razzazi (Milani)
Persian Name: (لیلا رزازی (میلانی
Nickname: Lucky Leyla (Lucky #13)
Birth Date: April 02, 1982 (‏13 فروردین 1361)
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality: Canadian/Iranian
Current Location: Los Angeles, California
Relationship: Married
Profession: Model, Actress, TV Hostess , Fashion Designer
Height: 5'6" (1.68 m)
Trade Mark: Hair
Instagram: @leylamilani
Twitter: @RealLeylaMilani
Website: http://www.leylamilani.com

Leyla Milani safeguards a briefcase on the NBC smash hit show “Deal or No Deal” and, thanks to her, the number 13never looked so good. “Lucky 13” or “Lucky Leyla” as she’s often referred to on the show, charms contestants and audiences alike with her infectious smile and exotic style. Known for her beautiful mane of fantastically wild hair, Milani is quickly making a name for herself as a model, actress, hostess, fashion designer and entrepreneur.

In addition to her fourth season on “Deal or No Deal” Milani has been busy on the big screen as well, starring in the horror film WRESTLEMANIAC, a monster hit in the UK and in the recent DVD release of THE BOYS AND GIRLS GUIDE TO GETTING DOWN. In GUIDE, which won a Best Ensemble Cast award at the Los Angeles Film Festival, she played Brittany, a beautiful and busy West side girl on the go.

Leyla has also been making the rounds on the small screen with recent appearances on several hit shows including NBC’s “Las Vegas” and “Last Comic Standing.” She has also been seen on the Fox series “Stacked” starring Pamela Anderson, the CMT reality series “Popularity Contest,” the TNT drama “Wanted,” Larry David’s smash hit “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and the critically acclaimed Showtime series “Sleeper Cell.” Lovely Leyla is everywhere: Home viewers can even catch her in a national Bud Light commercial!

Canadian-born Milani was raised in Toronto where she performed and entertained anyone who would watch or listen. Local fame came early for Leyla after hosting a local after-school cable television show when she was just 12. A flurry of local modeling gigs and runway appearances followed and Milani was an in-demand face at an early age. After high school, Leyla’s mother took a job that would relocate the family to Los Angeles, the perfect place for Leyla to follow her dreams.

Modeling and acting were always part of Milani’s career plans, but they were only part of her ambition. Upon landing in L.A., Leyla enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM) and began to pursue another of her creative passions: fashion design. It wasn’t long before ‘Leyla Couture Jeans’ were the talk of the industry and a successful line of her designs adorned the shelves of the popular Forever 21 stores, a national chain of stylish clothing stores.

A multi-tasker to the core, Leyla feels most fulfilled when she has several projects going at all times. In addition to her acting, modeling and fashion design careers, Leyla may be best knows to fans of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) when in 2005, she placed 2nd out of 8,000 applicants in their Raw Diva Search. Over eight consecutive weeks, Leyla made her way through stiff competition to become the runner up “Diva”, her personal website leylamilani.com receiving 1000’s of hits daily.

Leyla recently signed on as the spokes model for “Clientele” an upscale skin care line. Having graced the covers of close to a dozen magazines, Leyla is now the premiere cover girl for Coexistence Magazine, a new national glossy publication on stands now. Leyla put her love of cars to good use when she hosted FUEL TV’s popular motor sport show “M80” and showed off her knowledge of sports on Fox Sport Net’s “Celebrity Golf Tournament.” Most recently,Leyla hosted “The ½ Hour News Hour,” a new political variety show on FOX News Channel, as well as segments for “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Whether she is acting, modeling, hosting, designing or simply holding briefcase number 13, “Lucky Leyla” is as relentless and talented as she is beautiful. With an optimistic outlook and great work ethic, the multi-talented Milani continues to see her star rise and one could bet that luck has nothing to do with it.

Leyla-AKA Lucky #13 can be seen on several hit network shows, several upcoming motion picture releases, as well as a new nationally televised Budweiser commercial.

As Brittany, "the girl on the go in the 310," Leyla Milani adds to her ever growing list of film credits, appearing in this highly acclaimed independent movie, The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down. The theatrical opening of the feature film will occur nationwide on March 16, 2007. You can also see Leyla "Bring it" on her WWE Raw "Fan-nation" promos airing all year on USA network. Another of Leyla's feature film projects to be released later in the year is an award-winning horror film, "Wrestle Maniac."

In addition to her work on the large screen, Ms. Milani co-stars in the television show, My Network TV's "Desire: Table for Three." She's also co-starred in an episode of the hit series on Showtime, "Sleeper Cell" and her guest co-starring role on FOX TV's "Stacked" saw her face-off against Pam Anderson. Her appearance on the series "Las Vegas," - a guest starring spot along side Josh Duhamel and James Caan as a sexy diamond thief -- had male viewers on the edge of their seats. She'll be a co-star on Will and Jada Pinket - Smith's television series, "All of Us," and when Howie Mandel says "Open the Case" on the hit TV show, NBC's "Deal or No Deal," it seems that "Lucky Number 13" -- aka Leyla -- is a heartbreaker in real life and television. She always seems to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in her possession... enough to break the heart of any contestant, guy or girl.

Some of her newly cultivated legions of fans recognize Leyla as the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Raw Diva Search 2005 finalist and runner-up. Selected from 8,000 applicants, for 8 consecutive weeks, Leyla made her way through the stiff competition and appeared live in front of millions to become the #2 Diva. As a result of her repeated appearances on WWE and the millions of viewers watching her worldwide, Leyla's website receives thousands of hits daily. In response, www.leylamilani.com, a new "members only" section will hopefully satisfy her hardcore fans. Leyla's status as "runner-up" began the constant stream of traffic on her website which continues to this day. She plans to begin "video-chatting" with her online fans later this year.

Local fame came early with Leyla hosting an after-school television show at the age of 12. With a flurry of local modeling gigs and runway appearances, she had already become an in-demand face at a very early age.

After high school, the family moved from Toronto to Los Angeles. For Leyla this was exactly where she wanted to be. With her options completely open, she enrolled in L.A's Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Amazingly, by the age of 20, Leyla Jeans Couture, her high-end contemporary denim line was already the talk of the industry. Another Leyla inspired line was also a hit with consumers, with the collection eventually finding its way into the mega Forever 21 stores, nationwide.

Her go-getter attitude paid off as Hollywood stood-up and took notice and Leyla began appearing with greater frequency on the small and large screen. She's appeared on several hit television shows including CMT's reality show, Popularity Contest, the new TNT drama, Wanted and Larry David's HBO smash, Curb Your Enthusiasm. She recently returned from Sao Paulo, Brazil where she performed on Show Fight, Brazil's version of UFC, broadcast all over South America.

With her newfound popularity and her will to succeed reaching new heights, Leyla remains in constant motion. With feature film roles in the works, the girl with that sexy mane and the heart of a lioness continues to accomplish her career goals as a sought-after host, model, actor and noted fashion designer.

Leyla Milani as "Dallas" in the movie Wrestlemaniac