Bahara Golestani

Name: Bahara Golestani
Farsi Name: بهارا گلستانی
Location: Arizona, USA
Nationality: Afghan
Birth Year: 1989
Birth Date: April 19, 1989 (‏30 فروردین 1368‎)
Birth Place: Russia
Profession: Model, Dancer, Actress

Bahara personifies quintessential Persian beauty. Her experience extends to modeling for Low Rider for 3 years and Hot Import Nights for 2 years; Modeled for Capstal New York, Gino Green, Dullards, Marven's, music videos and lots of fashion shows.

Bahara was born in Russia, but raised in Scottsdale Arizona. Her parents are of Persian descent. She has been modeling for five years now, and loves to be in front of a camera and it shows as one of the Ladies of Lingerie Nights on Lingerie Nights DVD Magazine. Modeling comes natural to Bahara. Right now her goal is to be a very big fashion model, and wants to make it very big and she know its going to take a lot of work and time but she willing to do all she can. She is also very interested in acting. When asked what her dreams and goals are ? She replies: I would love to model for Victoria Secret! (she giggles) My goal is to be published in my first ever magazine cover!